OpenCoral Information


Please visit the download page for information about installing and using Coral on your personal machine.


OpenCoral is a nanotech lab management solution consisting of a server backend and remote client application. This software brings together reservation management, data collection, lab policy enforcement, reporting and tool documentation. OpenCoral has become the standard solution for academic nanotech sites and is currently being used by the following institutions among others:

By deploying OpenCoral at the University of Utah Nanofab, we hope to provide our users with premium software that will enable them to more efficiently use our lab tools, conveniently reserve time on those tools, and share important process information with each other. You will be able to find more specific information on how to use the different features of OpenCoral by following the links on the left hand navigation.

We are always open to suggestions for future additions to the Coral system or any other feedback that you would like to leave. If you wish to contact us, please do so by emailing