Denton Discovery 18

Status Problem
  • Sputter deposition of metals, alloys, and insulating thin films (user configurable)
  • Film thicknesses controllable from a few nm to hundreds of nm
  • Three 3" diameter confocal cathodes
  • 2 RF power supplies
  • Switchable DC power supply
  • Co sputter capable
  • Reactive sputtering available (Nitrogen or Oxygen)
  • 6" Diameter stage
  • Substrate rotation
  • +/- 10% Uniformity
  • Cryo and turbo pumped to 1 x 107 Torr
  • Substrate heat up to 200 C
  • Liftoff deposition with sputter power
  • Argon pressure range 2-50 mT controllable with 200 sccm MFC controller (no APC valve)
  •  S/N 18003

Targets Available


Ag, Al, Al/Si, Au, C, Chromel, Co, Cr, Cu, Cu/Ag, Ge

Ir, Fe, Ni, NiCr, NiCrFe, Nb, Pd, Pt, Si (p-type), Ta, Ti, TiW, V, W

Oxides / Ceramics:

Al2O3, SiO2 ITO, BN, CeSm(ox), LaSrFe(ox), NaMnO3, NdMgO, SiC, Si3N4, TaO2, TiO2,


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