Heidelberg MicroPG 101-2-0.9um

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S/N: HI-798

Live Screenshot: Click Here



Meet to discuss fab process steps ~hour

Researcher design CAD layout ~Weeks

Staff inspect CAD layout ~30 min

Translate file to GDS II ~30 min

Inspect finished mask ~10 min

Etch Chrome on Mask ~5 min

Develop Photoresist on mask ~5 min

Write mask on μP




Photomask production


- Vast Majority of uses

-5" Cr on glass


Grayscale 3D writing


-One research group

-Optical applications

Direct patterning on wafers


-Occasional use by multiple research groups

-Smallest & sharpest feature size in practice (~0.8 um)

-Alignment to pre-existing features possible

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