Nanoscribe 3D Photonic Pro GT

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3D two-photon polymerization laser lithography tool for printing micro and nanoscale parts.  Requires .stl files and functions similarly to a conventional 3D sterolithography UV printer, but at a much smaller scale.

Maximum structure height:

  • IP-Q 10x lens DILL: 8mm
  • IP-S 25x lens DILL: 3mm
  • IP DIP 63x lens DILL: 3mm
  • Oil immersion with 170um glass: 150 um
Minimum feature size:
  • 10x lens: ~2um x.y and ~10um z
  • 25x lens: 0.6um x.y and ~3.3 um z
  • 63x lens: 150nm x.y and 800 nm z


Nanoscribe Perforated Stent Tube





Live Screenshot:

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