Optical Microscope, Reichert Jung MeF3

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Optical Microscope, Reichert Jung MeF3

The optical microscope has bright-field, dark-field, and Nomarski (Differential Interference Contrast) imaging modes, and a 5 MP digital camera to acquire publication quality images.

Microscope Features


Imaging Modes:

  • ·         Bright-field
  • ·         Dark-field
  • ·         Nomarski (Differential Interference Contrast)


  • ·         Eyepiece: 10X
  • ·         Objective lenses: 2.5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X, 150X
  • ·         Multiplier wheel lenses: 0.8X, 1.0X, 1.25X and 2.5X
  • ·         Long working distance lenses: 10X and 100X
  • ·         Extra-long working distance: 20X


  • ·         Carl Zeiss Zen 2011: Software allows for quantification of sample features.

Light Sources:

  • ·         Tungsten-halogen bulb
  • ·         High-power arc lamp

Digital Camera:

  • ·         AxioCam ERc5s: 5megapixel digital camera for publication quality images



Training available by request. Please contact Dr. Randy Poulson if you are interested in signing up for a training session.

Randy Poulson

Office: SMBB 2505
Email: randy.polson@utah.edu
Phone: 801-587-0873

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