dbFIB, FEI Helios NanoLab 650

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For a full description of the instrument, please visit: http://www.fei.com/products/dualbeams/helios-nanolab-650.aspx

A few key capabilities of the instrument include:

  • Slice-n-view: the ability to incrementally image then cut 10 nm slices into the face of a 5um X 5um area, then rebuilding the images into a tomographic volume.
  • Deposit Pt in pre-defined patterns, down to ~35 nm line widths
  • Mill patterns using the FIB as a precision scalpel
  • Create precision cross-sections for in-situ viewing
  • Selectively remove organic material by precision FIB cutting, using injected water vapor enhanced etching
  • UHR- SEM column: with sub nm resolution
  • Omniprobe tool, gives the ability to prepare samples for TEM analysis
Below are some images acquired from the instrument (compressed for web viewing):

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