Denton 635

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  • Automated sputter deposition of metals, alloys, and insulating thin films
    • Four confocal cathodes, inclined 25 degrees off vertical
    • Std targets 4" Au, 4" Cr, 3" Al, 3" Ti
    • Other targets by arrangement with staff
  • Film thicknesses controllable from a few nm to hundreds of nm
  • Sputter power supplies, DC1 pulse or DC, DC2, RF1
  • Switch-control any supply to any cathode
  • Co sputter capable
  • Substrate sputter pre-clean with RF2 supply
  • PEM controllable reactive sputtering (Nitrogen or Oxygen)
  • 8" Diameter stage
  • Substrate rotation
  • +/- 5% Uniformity
  • Cryo pumped to 5 x 10^-8 Torr
  • Substrate heat up to 500 C (heated stage installed)
  • Liftoff deposition with water-cooled stage (std configuration)
  • Argon pressure range < 1-90 mT controllable with APC and 100 sccm MFC controller

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S/N: 69469

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