Suss MA1006

Status Up

S/N: 06060026

  • Top and Bottom Side alignment
  • One can expose in all common printing modes using collimated light optics
  • Can be used in all major lithography areas:
    • M(O)EMS
    • Bulk MEMS
    • Optoelectronics with more coarse features
    • Power devices
    • Bumping
    • Etc.
  • Equipped with a programmable control unit
  • Alignment is carried out by means of micro-meter screws
    • Z-axis is motorized
  • Fitted with a calotte chuck wedge error compensation system
  • Top side alignment
    • Equipped with a splitfield microscope
    • CCD and monitor
  • Supports 5" and 7" masks

Standard Process Measurements


Meausured linewidths (Shipley 1813, 2000 rpm 60 sec spin, 110 C 60 sec hotplate bake, 30 mJ/cm2 exposure dose, AZ 1:1 35 sec)

Minimum measured linewitdth at full photoresist height: 2 um

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