Supply Rates By Month

These are the base rates provided for University of Utah funded projects.
Projects from other academic institutions or using flow-through funds are subject to a 1.535X overhead rate.
Industry projects have a 2X overhead rate.

Month of December, 2021

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125 ML Amber Bottle$1.60
2.28M Dicing Saw Blade Thermocarbon$49.70
250 ML Amber Bottle$2.60
2inch n-type test wafers$10.20
2inch p-type test wafers$10.10
2-Propanol (IPA-Semi)$29.55
3inch n-type test wafers$12.80
3inch p-type test wafers$12.80
4inch 300um p-type wafers$24.40
4inch 300um p-type wafers$24.40
4inch 300um p-type wafers$24.40
4inch 300um p-type wafers$24.40
4inch aluminum carrier wafer$4.40
4inch graphene wafer box (tray, cover, springs)$6.55
4inch grip ring$14.25
4inch n-type test wafers$15.00
4inch p-type test wafers$15.00
4inch silicon mech wafer$6.15
4 inch thermal oxide Si wafers$21.30
4inch thermal oxide Si wafers$21.30
52mm Dicing saw blade$83.25
52mm Dicing saw blade $83.25
53mm Dicing saw blade$83.25
54mm Dicing saw blade$46.00
56mm Dicing saw blade$77.40
57mm Dicing saw blade$135.70
58mm Dicing saw blade$58.25
5mm pyrex transverse sample holder$66.25
6inch grip ring$14.25
6-mm powder cup case with lid$32.25
7inch mask holder$23.85
8inch p-type test wafer$29.25
8inch p-type test wafers$29.25
8inch p-type test wafers$29.25
AFM Tip TESPA$0.00
Alcohol Wipes (Tube of 100)$0.00
Aluminum Etchant$145.55
Ammonium Hydroxide ((NH4)OH)$24.10
Boot Covers, Large$0.00
Booties (blue)$7.65
Bouffant Caps, White$3.70
Buffered Oxide Etch (BOE)$78.85
Buffered Oxide Etch (BOE) 6:1 Ratio$78.85
Bulk TEM Sample Prep$25.00
Carbon Coating Sample Prep$15.00
Carbon Coating Sample Prep$23.00
Carbon Coating Sample Prep$23.00
Carbon Coating Sample Prep$30.00
Chem-Pol Adhesive Back Disc$20.55
Chrome Mask 3inch 1500$15.80
Chrome Mask 3inch 5206$27.80
Chrome Mask 4inch 1500$15.25
Chrome Mask 4inch 5206$29.90
Chrome Mask 5inch 1500$22.45
Chrome Mask 5inch 5206$43.90
Chrome Mask 7inch 1500$80.15
Chrome Mask 7inch 5206$114.15
Chrome Mask Etchant$191.50
Crucible Liner, 7cc, intermetallic for Telemark$169.00
Crucible Liner, TLI Old Style$97.40
Crucible, Poco Graphite$68.60
C-Series Industrial Tweezers$8.60
Diamond Lapping Film (0.5m)$27.10
Diamond Lapping Film (15m, 9m)$24.10
Diamond Lapping Film, 1 Micron$32.90
Diamond Lapping Film (30m)$34.45
Diamond Lapping Film (6m, 3m, 1m, 0.1m)$27.80
Diamond-Tipped Scriber$16.10
Gel X0 Clear Hinged Box$3.60
Gel X4 Clear Hinged Box$3.60
Glass slide$0.25
Glass slide holder$0.70
Glass Wafers: A0163$13.05
Glass Wafers: A0165$13.05
Glass Wafers: Pyrex$17.50
Gold Pellets (0.1 grams)$3.99
Gold Pellets (Sell By Number of Pellets)$39.90
Grey Supply Tote$13.30
Grip Rings, 6" $14.25
Heat Resistant Kapton Tape, 0.25 inch Wide$12.95
Heat Resistant Kapton Tape, 0.375 inch Wide$23.20
Heat Resistant Kapton Tape, 0.5 inch Wide$25.60
HF Acid$47.30
Hydrochloric Acid$28.55
Hydrofluoric Acid$47.30
Hydrogen Peroxide$23.00
IPA - Semi$29.55
Magnetic Stir Bar$0.00
Magnetic Stir Bar, 0.5 inch$11.10
Magnetic Stir Bar, 1 inch$12.55
Mask Package (Flourware) 3inch$27.10
Mask Package (Flourware) 4inch$3.95
Mask Package (Flourware) 5inch$4.15
Mask Package (Flourware) 7"$23.85
Membrane Storage Box$4.55
Methanol ACS$114.20
Microfab ID Card$10.00
Nitric Acid$43.30
Nitrile Gloves, Blue (extra large)$15.05
Nitrile Gloves, Blue (large)$15.60
Nitrile Gloves, Blue (medium)$15.60
Nitrile Gloves, Blue (small)$14.85
Nitrile Gloves, White (extra large)$15.60
Nitrile Gloves, White (large)$15.60
Nitrile Gloves, White (medium)$14.45
Nitrile Gloves, White (small)$15.05
Nitrogen per liter$0.00
Nitrogen per liter, for Oxford$0.00
Non-Equipment Room Use - One Hour$17.00
Notebook, 5.5inch x 8.5inch, clean room$4.80
Notebook, 8.5inch x 11inch, clean room$12.00
PD Polymer Fully Molded Tweezer$14.25
Photoresist LOR 10B (50 mL plus amber bottle)$0.00
Photoresist LOR 10B (price per 50 mL)$0.00
Photoresist LOR 10B (price per mL)$0.00
Pyrex 8-mm perpendicular sample holder for VSM$68.25
Pyrex 8-mm transverse sample holder for VSM$68.25
Shoe Covers, Blue, Disposable$7.65
Si3N4, 15nm TEM Grid$27.15
SiC film$2.40
Simple Sample Prep$25.00
Single Mount Storage Box$0.90
Springs (Flourware) 3inch$0.00
Springs (Flourware) 4inch$0.00
Springs (Flourware) 6inch$2.50
Sulfuric Acid$30.00
Surface Lab ID Card$10.00
Sylgard 184 PDMS$124.25
TEM Grids$2.35
Tray and Cover (Flourware) 3inch$0.00
Tray and Cover (Flourware) 4inch$0.00
Tray and Cover (Flourware) 6inch$7.70
Tweezers: 91-4T$23.80
Tweezers: 91-5T$27.35
Tweezers: 91-6T$19.00
Tweezers: Precision Fine Point$14.25
Ultrapak Wafer Shipping Box$16.30
Wafer Tray, Cover, and Springs - 2inch$6.95
Wafer Tray, Cover, and Springs - 3inch$5.90
Wafer Tray, Cover, and Springs - 4inch$7.10
Wafer Tray, Cover, and Springs - 6inch$18.75
Xylenes Reagent$28.80